Accessing Medical Records

Online Access to your Medical Records

The best and quickest way to see your medical records is online, from where you can print out whatever you need.

To gain online access you will need a PIN code available from reception, which will allow you to see much but not all of your records. You can usually obtain the PIN code within minutes. Beware that if you give your PIN codes and passwords to other people, they will be able to see your confidential medical records.

To have access to ALL of your medical records, you will need to complete a 2nd form. This request can take up to 5 days to process, as we need to be sure that information about other people is not in you records, as such information can legally be withheld.

The NHS is strongly encouraging patients to go online to view their records, book and cancel appointments, and to request repeat medication.

If you need help to set up online access and have no family or friends who can assist, the NHS advises to you to seek help from your local public library.


Obtaining copies of your medical records

If you would like the practice to provide copies of any part of your record instead of going online, please complete the form below.

How long does it take?

By law, under the General Data Protection Regulations of 2018, you’re entitled to receive a response no later than one calendar month after your application is received.

Can you apply to see someone else’s medical records?

Health records are confidential so you can only access someone else’s records if you’re authorised to do so.

To access someone else’s health records, you must:

  • be acting on their behalf with their consent, or · have legal authority to make decisions on their behalf (power of attorney), or
  • have another legal basis for access